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April 4, 2023

April is National Rosacea Awareness Month!

April is National Rosacea Awareness Month!

We're celebrating National Rosacea Awareness Month in a big way this April! Every episode will offer valuable insights, from how to identify the signs (there's more than just redness) to how to avoid triggers that can set off flushing and blushing. We'll also go in-depth into new dermatological treatments and skin care tips that work wonders. 


To start us off, here's 10 surprising facts about rosacea:

1) Rosacea is one of the top five most diagnosed skin conditions in the United States.

2) 1-in-10 people in the U.S. have rosacea.

3) Rosacea can appear in males or females of any ethnicity, any skin type and any geographical area.

4) Stress is the most common rosacea trigger, with 88% of those polled saying stress brings on an episode. 

5) Rosacea can be psychologically devastating. Patients report issues with low self-esteem, embarrassment, emotional distress, social isolation, and reduced quality of life.

6) Rosacea is not the same as acne. In fact, treating rosacea with products intended for acne often makes rosacea worse!

7) Rosacea can often appear for the first time in peri-menopausal women.

8) Flushing or blushing during infancy can be a sign of rosacea later in life.

9) 50% of those with rosacea also experience it in their eyes.

10) Demodex, the mite associate with rosacea, was named by the same scientist who named dinosaurs.


If you have rosacea, think you have rosacea or know someone who does, you're going to love this month's episodes! 

To learn more about rosacea, please visit the National Rosacea Society's webpage at rosacea.org. They have a newsletter and blog (who does that?) along with materials you can use at home to track your triggers or give to your clients or patients if you're a skin professional. 

One last thing: if you've got a question, be sure to email us at info@faciallyconscious.com. We'll answer on air and may even write a post about it. 

Have fun listening!