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Best information ever. Like gold.

Omg, Hi Rebecca. I absolutely LOVE love the Facially Conscious. Listening to podcasts every single night, and guess this? Never get tired of them. Matter of fact can't get enough of them. Please never ever stop. Can I tell you how much I love your info and presentations? ❤️ millions....

Great Listen & Much Needed in our Industry

This podcast is exactly what the skincare world needs! The topics and conversations are digestible and such a great listen. Such incredible education and knowledge. The ladies have great chemistry --- :)

Honest and informative

Love this podcast! It's nice to hear from the different perspectives of the hosts and they do a great job weeding out some of the fake information about skincare all over the internet!

Real talk about skin and skincare ingredients

So excited to see that Rebecca Gadberry has joined this already powerful podcast team. Besides being the professional skincare industry’s cosmetic ingredient expert, what I love most is her ability to explain ingredient science and skin biology in a way that everyone can understand. There are a few retail brands of skincare that have given birth to a new generation of “ingredient nerds” and then there are the social media influencers who are seen as skincare “experts”. Everyday, I educate customers about the inaccurate information they’ve learned online. Now I have a great podcast to refer them to hosted by a well-educated team. Thank you for what you do!

Finally… A great source of good, honest and accurate information on skin care

This podcast is a true gem in a sea of bad and poor information that is typically available. The Dermatologist and the Cosmetic Chemist are offering good, valuable, accurate and sound information that can really help the cosmetic end user. The “Highly Educated Consumer” seems to not really understand the concepts being discussed. I can’t fault her for being confused because this industry by and large puts out confusing information. I offer this constructively but this podcast would be stronger with just the 3 experts. They are the ones we need to hear.

Very informative!

This show is very informative for other professionals and consumers alike. I really love the information that I have been able to consume. My one critique would be I feel like the hosts need to work on actively listening to each other.There is a lot of talking over each other not hearing what the other person is saying or going back-and-forth about some thing that doesn’t need to be talked about for that long. FC COMMENTS: We heard you and have developed a method to keep us from talking over one another. It's called 'raising your hand' when you want to share something. Works wonders! Of course, we still get enthusiastic at times but overall we think you'll find we're much easier to listen to and follow along than before. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. We took them to heart!

Great show

Really enjoyed the first episode… can’t wait for more!

5 out 5

The best for skin care advice!

Can’t wait for season two!

Loved bingeing this podcast can’t wait for new episodes!

Great podcast

Love this new find so educational!

Facially Conscious

Love this podcast! Can’t wait for season two!

Wish I could hear you!

I really like the content! However, I think y’all should try to level the audio levels. It’s frustrating to have to babysit the volume in my car because one person’s audio is super quiet. FC COMMENTS: Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about the volume! Your input helped inspire us to start recording in a professional sound studio for season two. We invite you to listen if you haven't already returned!

Best pod for the facially curious

Enjoying the informed opinions from an array of aesthetically focused professionals. Love it!