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April 18, 2023

Flushing & Blushing Rosacea Triggers, Plus Skincare Ingredients That Calm Rosacea

Flushing & Blushing Rosacea Triggers, Plus Skincare Ingredients That Calm Rosacea
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Almost 70-percent of rosacea episodes are triggered by what you put on your skin. Learn which ingredients you might want to avoid and which ones could help calm the heat and redness common with this skin disorder when our resident cosmetic scientist, Rebecca Gadberry, discusses the very long list with Trina Renea and Dr. Vicki Rapaport. Rebecca has gone the extra mile for you by identifying drugs and cosmetics that induce flushing and blushing, rosacea's most common triggers. You can find the list in the Facially Conscious blog at https://www.faciallyconscious.com/blog/.
For more information about rosacea, including materials to help you understand and track rosacea flare-ups, please visit the National Rosacea Society's website at rosacea.org.


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