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Jan. 24, 2023

The Cosmetic Ingredient List & How Ingredients Get Their Names with Dr. Mindy Goldstein

The Cosmetic Ingredient List & How Ingredients Get Their Names with Dr. Mindy Goldstein

Why are a product's ingredients on its label? What are you supposed to know when you read it? Why are some ingredients on the box while others are on the container? Can brands name ingredients anything they want to or is there method to the naming madness? Joining Trina and Rebecca for a Deep Dive into the Ingredient List is Dr. Mindy Goldstein - one of the few people who actually name the ingredients on your skin care labels - for a behind-the-scenes look at the world of cosmetic ingredient labels.

Dr. Mindy Goldstein is an independent consultant with both finished goods houses and raw materials companies in the area of bio-active ingredients, efficacy testing, INCI (ingredient names) registration and claims substantiation for the personal care industry. She is a member of numerous professional and scientific organizations including the Personal Care Products Council's Nomenclature Committee where she is chair of the subcommittee that names ingredients in the areas of biotechnology, botanicals and ferments - the most popular new materials being developed for tomorrow's skincare formulas.

To learn more about Dr. Mindy, including how to contact her, please visit https://www.faciallyconscious.com/about/. And for more info about what is discussed in this episode please visit our blog at https://www.faciallyconscious.com/blog/

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